Supported Sensors

GeoRobotix enables turnkey support for every sensor, actuator and robot supported within the free and open source OpenSensorHub project.  The GeoRobotix team actively contributes back new drivers developed for its customers.  In addition to providing support for specific sensors, actuators, and robots, we are also building helper capabilities to make it easier to bring in new sensor and actuator drivers (e.g. an Arduino library, support for various communication protocols, helper classes for certain sensor types such as video cameras and weather sensors).

Furthermore, we are building additional technologies such as SensorML editors/viewers, data viewers and mappers, and admin interfaces to make deploying new sensors easier. An additional push this year is to provide tools and tutorials that encourage Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of sensors and actuators to provide sensor descriptions and OSH drivers, and to consider using SWE Common data streams as a default, efficient format for the output streams.

List of Supported Sensors, Actuators & Robots





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