On-Premises/Self-Hosted Platform Subscription

Want to deploy the GeoRobotix platform on-premises or on your own Cloud computing resources?  Whether on your own compute infrastructure, or in your leased commercial Cloud, we offer “OnPrem” SaaS Subscriptions that let you deploy the GeoRobotix platform and securely integrate it into your larger enterprise capabilities.  

Beyond all of the capabilities of the SaaS Cloud offering, the GeoRobotix OnPrem platform subscription provides a host of APIs that enable the integration of all manner of enterprise applications with the sensors, actuators and robots employed in all lines of business.  All lines of business will be able to enjoy the seamless integration, location enablement, and geographical awareness of all the sensors, actuators and robots across their local, regional, and global business landscapes.

Your OnPrem Platform can also be optionally connected to our Cloud platform to build a hybrid infrastructure. This will allow you to seamlessly share your private data with selected users of our cloud environment, as well as use our cloud infrastructure as a proxy for any dataset that requires distribution to a large number of users..

GeoRobotix offers paid subscriptions to scale from your Basic needs to your enterprise’s most Strategic challenges.

For more information, contact us at sales@georobotix.com.