Expert Services

Beyond GeoRobotix platform subscriptions, and the support and maintenance services included therein, GeoRobotix offers world leading expertise to formulate and implement your next generation sensor and IoT vision.  GeoRobotix offers strategies and decades of implementation know-how that you can harness to master the world around you.

If your enterprise already has lots of sensors, or has a business need to deploy lots of location-enabled and geographically-aware sensors, actuators and robots, but you are not sure where to get started, GeoRobotix has the expertise that you need to rapidly go from concept to reality.

Whether you are unsure what kinds of sensors/actuators/robots can help you accomplish the task at hand, or how such “things” can help drive decision-making and action across your enterprise, GeoRobotix has decades of experience that you can harness immediately.  All around your enterprises are sensors that properly employed could transform your situational awareness and remove costly latencies and blindspots in how you make decisions.

Contact us now to see how we might partner to tackle your priority mission/business challenges.

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