Cloud Platform Subscription (SAAS)

Want to harness the GeoRobotix platform without bothering to own or manage your own Cloud computing resources? GeoRobotix provides various SaaS Cloud Subscription levels to allow you to securely leverage the power of your sensors, actuators, and robots immediately.

The GeoRobotix SaaS Cloud offering allows you to securely:

  • Connect thousands of sensors, actuators and robots
  • Manage them with an online console
  • View their data in real-time across any number of applications
  • Apply complex analytics and processing
  • Store, organize and share as much data as you want
  • Visualize it on awesome charts and maps, including a web based 4D viewer.

Free subscriptions are available to get started. GeoRobotix offers paid subscriptions to scale from your Basic needs to your enterprise’s most Strategic challenges.

For detailed pricing information for the different GeoRobotix SaaS Cloud subscription levels detailed below, contact us at