What is OpenSensorHub?

OpenSensorHub (OSH) is an open standards, open source software platform to support virtually any sensor, actuator, or process through the deployment of distributed, interactive sensor hubs. A major driver for OSH is to enable the interaction of sensors, actuators, and processes both within and between hubs for the purpose of supporting sensor webs, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Design Concepts

Built on Open Standards. OSH is built upon Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standards as well as the emerging OGC SensorThings API.

Ease of Deployment. A major driver for OSH is to allow easy deployment and use while providing maximum flexibility for supporting virtually any sensor, actuator, or processing system. This has been done by hiding complexities inside of the core and providing simple means for connecting  sensor systems to this core through the use of APIs, helper classes, and generic module support.

Scalable and Flexible. The OSH core is designed to be scalable and flexible. Instead of only residing in large data processing centers, OSH nodes are expected to be deployed on the sensor or sensor platform, on mobile devices, on a local field hub, in command centers, and on the cloud.  OSH hubs and services have been deployed on Android smart phones and tablets, Raspberry Pi and various ARM platforms, on Arduino boards, on laptops and desktops, and on the Cloud.

Get Started Today

If you have sensors, actuators and even robots that you want to transform in to location-enabled, geographically aware, Web accessible services, that can interact and collaborate with geographic precision, go to today and learn how to get started.  Become part of the OSH developer community today.  Help make sure that the sensors/actuators/robots that your company sells ships with native OGC SWE support, by embedding OSH in your product build.  Or, if you are a DIY Maker, use OSH to quickly and inexpensively transform your homebrew or commodity sensor/actuator/robot in to a web accessible “georobot” today.  Remember, any new sensor driver you build can be shared for reuse by the entire global technical community by comitting it back to the OSH project.

Learn more at

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